Update on the gallery update

The gallery is going through some changes: Inside and out. The biggest one is that it has moved to:


There was an update on the platform I use, Coppermine, and changes were so many that my layout design didn’t work on it anymore. I had to come up with a new one from scratch and it might take me  awhile before it’s finished. Sorry about that.

Some of you have also noticed a strange behaviour int he log in process, the comments or the image viewing. Some were due to the lack of proper design of the layout codes but others I honestly have no clue where they come from since they seem to affect users rather randomly. So, if you have experienced any glitch or malfunction in the gallery, please let me know so I can fix it. If you do report a problem, it will be helpful to know which browser you are using (IExplorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari…) because they seem to deal with certain codes differently.

And since we’re at it, if there’s any other thing about the gallery that you think I should look into or that you would like me to include, le tme know and I’ll see what I can do.


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