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Tribute to a Hollywood mum

By Mark Beaumont – October 26th, 2007: Bury Free Press She was a Hollywood legend to many, immortalised after roles in The King and I and her clinch in the surf with Burt Lancaster in From Here To Eternity, but to one Wattisfield woman, Golden Globe Award-winning actress Deborah Kerr was …

John Kerr Dies at 81.

John Kerr, who played the young boy who falls in love for Deborah’s character in Tea and Sympathy (both the film and …

She will be remembered

Deborah was the woman I hoped I could grow up to be: Intelligent, sensitive, talented and feminine without all the artifice. I am still far far away from that ideal but, well, there was only one Deborah Kerr.

Acera de la marina: Réquiem

El propio Peter aprovechó sus memorias para despedirse y explicar que vivir en Marbella «me proporciona la falsa sensación de confort que ahuyenta el conocimiento cada vez mayor de mi propia impermanencia». – Gracias agsmadrid por este artículo!

Remembering Deborah Kerr: From Here to Eternity

After Deborah’s passing, many were the writers that touched by her film and personal legacy, wrote a piece in memoriam. I received this beautiful one by mail from the author and I felt I had to share. Thank you so much Alexandra/Penny!

The War Hero Who Loved Cats (translation)

Peter Viertel and Deborah are remembered in Marbella and have two streets named after them. I don’t know about you, but this article made me go all teary-eyed when I first read it.

El héroe de guerra que amaba los gatos

Escritor y guionista de cine, Viertel llegó a la Costa del Sol con Deborah Kerr. En la vivienda-cortijo que adquirió en los 60, quedan sus últimos gatos. Ayer traté de imaginar qué habría dicho Peter si hubiera estado en la inauguración de su calle. Alguna barbaridad, seguro.
This article is already translated.