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contributor: Larisa

Good for case of Blues

Larisa kindly shared this article ages ago – and I forgot to post it. Shame on me. Anyway, enjoy this short piece like the interviewers seemed to enjoy being in Deborah’s company during the run of “Tea and Sympathy”

Inside the eggshell, just more eggshell

Larisa shares this short piece on Deborah’s way to handle a successful career in Hollywood and stardom without losing her grace and manners. The writer, Peter Evans, is as fascinated by that as I am! Thank you Larisa!

Still a Star at 80

Larisa found this article that comes from The Powell & Pressburger Pages where they praise a soon-to-be-80 year-old Deborah.

A Star is Born – Times Magazine

Deborah made it to the Time Magazine cover while “The Hucksters” was being promoted by MGM. This article was a nice find from larisa. Thank you!

Gallery update and information on image uploads.

Larisa joined the gallery and added many new images. Thank you! Also, I felt like taking a break from coding and made a wallpaper from a couple of beautiful “The Journey” pics that Monica had shared.