Radio Play: Vacation From Marriage

May 26th, 1947

Deborah’s first radio play in the U.S. was for promotional work of her film «Vacation from Marriage». The movie was re-created in three acts, with commercials in between. I have edited the commercials and split the audio in three separate files so the size would be more manageable. I also tried my best at cleaning out the sound but that is clearly not my department.

We can start with the short interview/movie promo they did after the show was over:

Vacation from Marriage (Interview) – Deborah Kerr & Van Heflin (2’43»)

And we move on to:

Lux Radio Theater presents Deborah Kerr and Van Heflin in Vacation from Marriage:

Act I (15′)
Vacation from Marriage – Act I

Vacation from Marriage: Act II (14′)
Vacation from Marriage (Act II) – Deborah Kerr & Van Heflin

Vacation from Marriage: Act III (17′)

Vacation from Marriage (Act III) – Deborah Kerr & Van Heflin

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