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Personal Collection: Articles

Welcome to my collection of Deborah Kerr articles, interviews and assorted clippings. So far, the articles are divided into different categories depending …

Deborah's Different

She has a rare spiritual beauty. But Deborah Kerr prefers to be known as the screen’s most versatile actress, not just t a “face”.

Unknown writter – 1940s

Mis Inmortales de Cine

Si como gran dama no la igualó nadie, como actriz llegó a la altura de las mejores, y cuando se hizo con un buen papel demostró que podía alcanzar las más altas cimas de la emotividad. Nos deleitaba con un exquisito tacto para la comedia, y sorprendió al mundo convirtiéndose en heroína pasional. Fue, en resumen, una de las últimas estrellas que se permitieron el lujo de saber actuar.

Incomparable playing the great lady, and capable of the most delicated emotions. One of the last stars who could also allow herself to be a good actress.

I Could not Dance

I Could not Dance

Realising that I would never make a good dancer I decided to take a chance on the movies-and luck has been with me ever since. Having spent some uncomfortable months in Africa, while making King Solomon’s Mines, I am now trying to persuade my studio to buy a ballet story for me. Have any of you any suggestions?

When Love Can't Wait

Deborah is a woman in love, and despite the warnings, she will go ahead with her marriage unless something unexpected comes up. Because when a woman laves deeply and truly, lave can’t wait, even if it means hurting some people in order to be with the man you love.

Love, Marriage and Me

By Deborah Kerr (as told to Dick Richards) – Picturegoer, Sept. 22nd 1956 If anyone believes that love and marriage have no …

Si traen las pastas, tomaremos el té.

Deborah y su marido nos invitaron a pasar a su habitación uno o dos minutos para tomas unas fotos. Nos quedamos dos horas.

“Deborah and her husband invited us to their hotel room for a couple of minutes to snap a few pictures. But we stayed for two hours”

The Lady Dared

A lady and a cockeyed optimist By Raidie Harris It was nine Thanksgivings ago that I first met Deborah Kerr, and ever …

Deborah Kerr

More than an English rose Through the years, British actress Deborah Kerr has been know by many nicknames and has been categorized …