King Solomon's Mines – Radio Parody

While promoting «King Solomon’s Mines» Deborah takes part in this hilarious parody for «The Jack Benny Show».

January, 7th 1951

Part I:

Jack Benny, not being jealous at all of Stewart Granger, recreates his part as Allan Quatermain in this parody of the big adventure «The  King Solomon’s Mines». Deborah Karr, I mean Kerr, joins him. This first act covers sobbin’ Deborah’s plead to hire Quatermain to find her missing uncle to the shooting of her annoying brother and their becoming prisioners of a tribe of cannibals.

Duration: 12:26′

King Solomon’s Mines Parody – Act I

January 14th, 1951

Part II:

Jack and Deborah’s adventure in the jungle continues. They escape the cannibals, promote Lucky Strike, kill several show writers and finally arrive to the mines and kiss and fall in love.

Duration: 10:29′

King Solomon’s Mines Parody – Act II

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