Deborah Kerr

More than an English rose

Through the years, British actress Deborah Kerr has been know by many nicknames and has been categorized – with sometimes dubious accuracy – as screen beauty, sex symbol, chameleon or «English Rose». However, none of those tags suited her more perfectly than the one critics, moviegoers and fellow actors gave her. Without any doubt, Deborah Kerr had «The Best English on screen».

I have been a fan of her and her work since I was in my teens and I have been collecting photographs, films and random material for some years now and, aware as I am that I am not the rightful owner of any of those items, it is with deep respect for their creators that I have decided to share them with other fans worldwide.

With love and gratefulness, this site is born to honour my favourite English teacher, Deborah Kerr.

Madrid, August 2008

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