Deborah Kerr y su marido en Biarritz (with translation)

Spanish magazine Lecturas – Sept. 11th, 1964

Deborah and Peter in Biarritz

Deborah Kerr and her husband in their home in Biarritz.

After spending a few days in Asturias in their short holidays, the Scottish actress has traveled with her husband to the house they own in Biarritz. *In the image, she is cooking their meal*

The actress rests in a cozy corner in her home. Deborah was born on September 30th 1921 in Helensburgh, Scottland (she is 42)  and married the 48 year-old famous script writer Peter Vierdel [sic] on July 24th 1964.

The couple go for a walk around their land enjoying their holidays, which they plan to last all summer. Deborah has just finished shooting «The Night of the Iguana» at Puerto Vallarta. The film was a Tennessee Williams adaptation with Richard burton, Ava Gardner and Sue Lyon.

Deborah Kerr takes care of their garden herself.

She became a star after shooting «From Here to Eternity» with Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift. Her most relevant films are «The End of the Affair» and «The Journey»

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