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Gallery Update / Actualización de la Galería

New uploads have been made to the gallery and I had to do some major cleaning cause I had run out of space again. I have deleted over 400 low quality or duplicate files that I have saved in a .zip file that’s available for download in case you wanted to save them. Please, do not upload absolutely every image ou find online, I don’t have room for all that!

I forgot to mention…

The gallery is now fully upgraded and functional. It also has four new layout themes to vary the look of it.

Update on the gallery update

The gallery has gone under some changes and it will take me some time to have it completely done. Some users have reported glitches in the gallery after its update. It would be nice if you could let me know about the problems you experience with it so I can try to fix them.

Guidelines & Rules

There is a new post with this site’s guidelines and rules for posting images on the gallery. Please take a look and feel free to add any comment that might be useful to improve the website.

First anniversary online.

Site anniversary post: On site stats and gallery new layout design. You can now choose your gallery theme among some Deborah based layouts and there is a new Private Messages feature for gallery registered users. –> TO THE GALLERY

Changes on the gallery

You will notice that the gallery has a new album distribution. I have made a different album for each film and reorganized …

Gallery update and information on image uploads.

Larisa joined the gallery and added many new images. Thank you! Also, I felt like taking a break from coding and made a wallpaper from a couple of beautiful “The Journey” pics that Monica had shared.