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Good for case of Blues

Larisa kindly shared this article ages ago – and I forgot to post it. Shame on me. Anyway, enjoy this short piece like the interviewers seemed to enjoy being in Deborah’s company during the run of «Tea and Sympathy»

Inside the eggshell, just more eggshell

Larisa shares this short piece on Deborah’s way to handle a successful career in Hollywood and stardom without losing her grace and manners. The writer, Peter Evans, is as fascinated by that as I am! Thank you Larisa!

The Days and Nights of the Iguana p.IV

Fourth post of Deborah’s diary for Esquire magazine. She recalls the shooting of The Night of the Iguana and her nervousnes at the difficult scene coming up and tells of a short piece of her character that was eventually cut from the final version. Again, thank a lot Lisa for sharing this jewel!

The Days and Nights of the Iguana p.III

Third part of the article where Deborah shares her thoughts while making «The Night of the Iguana» for Esquire Magazine. Deborah recalls the shooting of the scene with Ava and the beheading of the fish. Fun! Thank you Lisa!