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Peter Viertel Interview

Peter Viertel interview from Peter Viertel, writer

Filmography fanvids: King Solomon’s Mines

I needed a distraction and I needed a happier theme hence the silly results: Safari Deborah.

Reunion Fairborough

Reunion at Fairborough

All of Deborah’s scenes in Reunion at Fairborough with Robert Mitchum. (Youtube uploads)

Filmography fanvids: Reunion at Fairborough

Fourth week, third video. A slightly sad and melancholic one on “Reunion at Fairborough” with the song “La Belleza (Beauty)” by the late Mercedes Sosa.

Filmography Fanvids: Separate Tables

Keeping up with vidding Deborah’s filmography (to my own surprise). This week’s Deborah fanvid: Separate Tables.

Filmography Fanvids: The Journey

I have recently renewed my interest in video editing and I have decided to try and make a montage video (or fanvideo) of every film Deborah has ever appeared in. I love a good old challenge! This week’s Deborah fanvid: The Journey.

Amazon: Films on demand

Amazon’s video on demand for USA based users.

Ann & Debbie – TV Play // Ann y Debbie – TeleTeatro

Deborah is Ann. Claire Bloom is Debbie. And they share a drink, some confidences and an unusual relationship.
Deborah es Ann. Claire Bloom es Debbie. Comparten una copa, algunas confidencias y una relación poco convencional.