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1974 Radio Interview: Seascape Promo

Another radio interview re-upload, this time split in two 10 minute files.


Radio Interviews (Re-uploaded)

Six Deborah Kerr and Peter Viertel radio interviews. (Re-uploaded)

Tallulah Bankhead and Deborah Kerr at Radio show

Radio play: The Women

Deborah participated in several radio shows in Hollywood. On December 17th 1950, she took part in Episode 7 of Tallulah Banhead’s weekly show as one of the cast members. She played Mary on this adaptation of the 1936 play “The Women” by Clare Boothe Luce.

Ann & Debbie – TV Play // Ann y Debbie – TeleTeatro

Deborah is Ann. Claire Bloom is Debbie. And they share a drink, some confidences and an unusual relationship.
Deborah es Ann. Claire Bloom es Debbie. Comparten una copa, algunas confidencias y una relación poco convencional.

The Day After the Fair – Review

John Crosby reviews “The Day After the Fair” by Frank Harvey for “PLays and Players” magazine (Nov. 1972)

Deborah buys a cassette tape
Deborah Kerr - Ondas 1974
Deborah and Peter

Deborah Kerr: Una gran dama (1974)

Entrevista con Deborah en Londres en 1974 cuando estrenaba una obra. Según el autor, “La Dama de Dervis” pero este artículo tiene tantas incorrecciones que la obra en cuestión puede ser cualquiera. Por la fecha imagino que se refieres a “Seascape”. Curioso también el detalle del periodista que insiste en que Deborah ¡debe retirarse! Además de mal informado, bastante impertinente.

Translation: "Deborah Kerr: One Great Lady"

Translation of an interview for Spanish magazine ONDAS in February 1974. Deborah is a real Lady with a quite impertinent reporter who keeps reminding her of how old she is and how surprising he finds that she is still capable of performing. A real dumbass, if I may say so.

Book Excerpt: A Look at Tennessee Williams

Cuckoo4kitties shares another piece. This time Deborah and Peter discuss Tenessee Williams, adapting plays for the screen and the roles she would have liked playing from Tenessee’s plays. Thank you Lisa!

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