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You Dont' Get Sexy all of a Sudden

Deborah was one busy bee in 1955 says Australian Magazine “Hollywood off the record”


Though They Often Have Separate Tables Deborah Kerr and Peter Viertel May Last from Here to You Know Where

People magazine had an article on Deborah and Peter in 1979. Thank you Mary for finding it for us! (And I’m sorry I forgot to post it sooner!)


Still a Star at 80

Larisa found this article that comes from The Powell & Pressburger Pages where they praise a soon-to-be-80 year-old Deborah.

De laatste geremde vrouw – "The Last Lady"

Dutch article written after her death which explores her filmography and her most relevant parts and virtues. This one comes kindly from my dear friend M. Thank you!

Deborah adn Peter - Family Weekly
Deborah and Peter

The Second Life of Deborah Kerr

Beauty, talent, success, she had them all, yet never could escape the fears of childhood; that came only with marriage to a forceful and dominant man. – a cuckoo4kitties contribution. (She is spoiling me rotten, isn’t she?)

The Day After the Fair – Review

John Crosby reviews “The Day After the Fair” by Frank Harvey for “PLays and Players” magazine (Nov. 1972)

Book Excerpt: A Look at Tennessee Williams

Cuckoo4kitties shares another piece. This time Deborah and Peter discuss Tenessee Williams, adapting plays for the screen and the roles she would have liked playing from Tenessee’s plays. Thank you Lisa!

Peter Viertel
Luís Miguel Dominguín
RedBook Magazine

Redbook – May 1965. Deborah, Peter and Miguel Dominguín.

An amazing interview with Deborah, Peter and the Spanish bullfighter Miguel Dominguín where they discuss “duende” – talent, inspiration – bullfighting, the art of creation and inspiration.
I’ve had this one for weeks! But I forgot to make it public after I transcribed it. Shame on me. It’s part of Lisa – Cuckoo4kitties great articles collection.