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Actor: Robert Mitchum


Reunion at Fairborough on DVD

My, my, my… I have been out of the world lately. Turns out, Reunion at Fairborough is out on DVD. Finally! I …

BFI Retrospective

British Film Institute retrospective on Deborah

BFI retrospective on Deborah includes films that are not available on DVD or VHS. I have already planned my trip to London for my chance to see our girl on the big screen, what are you waiting for?

Filmography fanvids: The Sundowners

Down to earth Deborah and huge Mitchum love and work and strive in Australia. Could this get any better?

Reunion Fairborough

Reunion at Fairborough

All of Deborah’s scenes in Reunion at Fairborough with Robert Mitchum. (Youtube uploads)

Filmography fanvids: Reunion at Fairborough

Fourth week, third video. A slightly sad and melancholic one on “Reunion at Fairborough” with the song “La Belleza (Beauty)” by the late Mercedes Sosa.

Deborah kerr in An Affair to Remember

Remembering Deborah Kerr: From Here to Eternity

After Deborah’s passing, many were the writers that touched by her film and personal legacy, wrote a piece in memoriam. I received this beautiful one by mail from the author and I felt I had to share. Thank you so much Alexandra/Penny!

Six-time nominee in Pacific Palisades

Deborah opens her Pacific Palisades house to us. Thank you Faith! (And thank you Lisa for helping her out with these )


The Retirement of Hollywood's Great Lady (1989)

Deborah’s retirement in her home in Marbella (Spain) – Translation into English of Spanish article “El retiro de una Gran Dama”
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