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Play: Tea and Sympathy

Deborah Kerr and John kerr in Tea and Sympathy

John Kerr Dies at 81.

John Kerr, who played the young boy who falls in love for Deborah’s character in Tea and Sympathy (both the film and …

The Lady Dared article portrait

Good for case of Blues

Larisa kindly shared this article ages ago – and I forgot to post it. Shame on me. Anyway, enjoy this short piece like the interviewers seemed to enjoy being in Deborah’s company during the run of “Tea and Sympathy”


You Dont' Get Sexy all of a Sudden

Deborah was one busy bee in 1955 says Australian Magazine “Hollywood off the record”


Still a Star at 80

Larisa found this article that comes from The Powell & Pressburger Pages where they praise a soon-to-be-80 year-old Deborah.

The Day After the Fair – Review

John Crosby reviews “The Day After the Fair” by Frank Harvey for “PLays and Players” magazine (Nov. 1972)