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Deborah models the 1942 utility dress.

Vintage  fashion and beauty archive “Glamour Daze” found this article from 1942 in which a very young Deborah models the “utility dress” …

Deborah and Kitty-Kat

Deborah Kerr: I would get rid of Marbella’s parties.

Translation of a Spanish article and short interview with Deborah in her retirement in Marbella. She talks about the changes Hollywood went through after her retirement and her attachement to her Spanish home.

Deborah Kerr with her husband and his daughter at Costa del Sol
Deborah Kerr with her husband and his daughter at Costa del Sol
Deborah Kerr with her husband and his daughter at Costa del Sol

Deborah, Peter and her daughter at Costa del Sol

Translation from Spanish magazine. Deborah has a little chat with a Spanish reporter in her home in Marbella where she was staying with Peter and Francesca.

Six-time nominee in Pacific Palisades

Deborah opens her Pacific Palisades house to us. Thank you Faith! (And thank you Lisa for helping her out with these )


Mi Óscar se quedará en España (1994)

Deborah, después de recibir el Óscar por todo su carrera, habla desde su casa en Marbella. Gracias, Faith!


New very personal collection

This past week, a new section has been opened in the gallery to host a fully new personal collection from a friend of the site, sweetbaboo. Her contribution was so exquisite and rare that we thought it deserved its own spotlight.

Toda una mujer

Deborah Kerr es "Toda una Mujer"

Deborah Kerr es Emma Harte en la serie para televisión “Toda una Mujer (A Woman of Substance)” y la revista española TP le dedica un artículo en 1985.

Deborah and Peter in Biarritz

Deborah Kerr y su marido en Biarritz (with translation)

Deborah and peter in Biarritz in 1964. Spanish picture-article.
Artículo en imágenes sobre Deborah y Peter de vacaciones en Biarritz (España)