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Daughter: Melanie

Deborah kerr and her kids
Deborah Kerr and her girls
Deborah Kerr and her children

Often apart, the Bartleys prize each moment together. (Incomplete)

(Unknown magazine. Circa 1956) Part of the “clippings series”: Articles of which I only have found random pages and are incomplete.  


Photoplay Interview 1959

Violet shared this a few eons ago and I kept postponing posting it. Bad me! Anyway, here it is. Thank you Violet!

Deborah and Tony 1957

Deborah Kerr says Funerals are Barbaric

Larisa shared this a while ago and I had completely forgotten about it. So sorry! Thank you Larisa! ^^

Deborah Kerr: This is my Life

This is my Life

Deborah opens her home for Photoplay and goes through one day in her life. Thank you so much, Violet, for sharing this… twice!

Deborah and her daughters

Please, Don’t Let Me Lose my Children

A melodramatic article on Deborah’s fight for custody of her daughters courtesy of the always lovely cuckoo4kitties. Thank you!