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Deborah Kerr choses freedom

Translated from Spanish article from Fotogramas magazine – Feb. 12th 1960 For Deborah Kerr, 1960 marks the beginning of a new stage …


1974 Radio Interview: Seascape Promo

Another radio interview re-upload, this time split in two 10 minute files.


Motion Picture – Clippings series (Incomplete)

Part of the “clippings series”: Articles of which I only have found random pages and are incomplete.  


Radio Interviews (Re-uploaded)

Six Deborah Kerr and Peter Viertel radio interviews. (Re-uploaded)

Deborah dances

I Could not Dance

Realising that I would never make a good dancer I decided to take a chance on the movies-and luck has been with me ever since. Having spent some uncomfortable months in Africa, while making King Solomon’s Mines, I am now trying to persuade my studio to buy a ballet story for me. Have any of you any suggestions?

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