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Film: From Here to Eternity

Deborah kerr and her kids
Deborah Kerr and her girls
Deborah Kerr and her children

Often apart, the Bartleys prize each moment together. (Incomplete)

(Unknown magazine. Circa 1956) Part of the “clippings series”: Articles of which I only have found random pages and are incomplete.  

Sinner or Saint

Confessions of a Saint and Sinner

Movie Life – Somewhere in the 50’s. The saint or sinner question about Deborah Kerr was first raised when stories of her …


You Dont' Get Sexy all of a Sudden

Deborah was one busy bee in 1955 says Australian Magazine “Hollywood off the record”


Still a Star at 80

Larisa found this article that comes from The Powell & Pressburger Pages where they praise a soon-to-be-80 year-old Deborah.