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Filmography Revisited

1977 Interview – BBC Radio // Youtube Video

Deborah being interviewed in 1977. Full BBC Radio4 interview + Video excerpt.

Bright Lights Film Journal

An Actress in Search of an Author

New online article by site’s friend Penelope on Deborah’s cinematic legacy and the need to have a new author write her biography.


The Nights and Days of the Iguana p.V

Fifth and final part of Deborah’s journal on the shooting of Night of the Iguana. She recalls an accident on the set and JFK assesination, which occured during the filming of the movie.

I must thank Lisa for the hundreth time for sharing this wonderful insight on Deborah’s work and mind. It was a pleasure to read!

Amazon: Films on demand

Amazon’s video on demand for USA based users.


The Days and Nights of the Iguana (1964) I

Esquire magazine published Deborah’s own words while shooting “The Night of the Iguana”.

I will have to split this in two parts because it’s quite long. ^^ Lisa shared this article with us; something I truly appreciate since I had been trying to get a hold of that magazine for ages but I could neveer find anyone who’d sell it to someone in Spain. Thank you!

Toda una mujer

Deborah Kerr es "Toda una Mujer"

Deborah Kerr es Emma Harte en la serie para televisión “Toda una Mujer (A Woman of Substance)” y la revista española TP le dedica un artículo en 1985.

De laatste geremde vrouw – "The Last Lady"

Dutch article written after her death which explores her filmography and her most relevant parts and virtues. This one comes kindly from my dear friend M. Thank you!


A Star is Born – Times Magazine

Deborah made it to the Time Magazine cover while “The Hucksters” was being promoted by MGM. This article was a nice find from larisa. Thank you!