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Unknown magazine – Clippings series (Incomplete)

Unknown magazine. 60’s. Part of the “clippings series”: Articles of which I only have found random pages and are incomplete. DEBORAH KERR, …

Eye o the Devil

Eye of the Devil – Video on Demand (US Only)

For those living in the US, the film “Eye Of The Devil” is available to watch on amazon’s video on demand. Lucky …

Filmography fanvids: The Sundowners

Down to earth Deborah and huge Mitchum love and work and strive in Australia. Could this get any better?


The Nights and Days of the Iguana p.V

Fifth and final part of Deborah’s journal on the shooting of Night of the Iguana. She recalls an accident on the set and JFK assesination, which occured during the filming of the movie.

I must thank Lisa for the hundreth time for sharing this wonderful insight on Deborah’s work and mind. It was a pleasure to read!


The Days and Nights of the Iguana (1964) I

Esquire magazine published Deborah’s own words while shooting “The Night of the Iguana”.

I will have to split this in two parts because it’s quite long. ^^ Lisa shared this article with us; something I truly appreciate since I had been trying to get a hold of that magazine for ages but I could neveer find anyone who’d sell it to someone in Spain. Thank you!

Deborah and Peter in Biarritz

Deborah Kerr y su marido en Biarritz (with translation)

Deborah and peter in Biarritz in 1964. Spanish picture-article.
Artículo en imágenes sobre Deborah y Peter de vacaciones en Biarritz (España)

Deborah adn Peter - Family Weekly
Deborah and Peter

The Second Life of Deborah Kerr

Beauty, talent, success, she had them all, yet never could escape the fears of childhood; that came only with marriage to a forceful and dominant man. – a cuckoo4kitties contribution. (She is spoiling me rotten, isn’t she?)

The Day After the Fair – Review

John Crosby reviews “The Day After the Fair” by Frank Harvey for “PLays and Players” magazine (Nov. 1972)