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Audio - Vacation from Marriage

Radio Play: Vacation From Marriage

May 26th, 1947 Deborah’s first radio play in the U.S. was for promotional work of her film “Vacation from Marriage”. The movie …


Deborah models the 1942 utility dress.

Vintage  fashion and beauty archive “Glamour Daze” found this article from 1942 in which a very young Deborah models the “utility dress” …


Nobody Whistles at a Lady (1949)

After a short period in Hollywood, Deborah talks about her best qualities, her fears of being type casted and her wish to perform till her very last years.


A Star is Born – Times Magazine

Deborah made it to the Time Magazine cover while “The Hucksters” was being promoted by MGM. This article was a nice find from larisa. Thank you!

Deborah weds Anthony Bartley

Video footage of Deborah’s wedding to Tony Bartley. Thank you Kerstin!