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Deborah kerr and her kids
Deborah Kerr and her girls
Deborah Kerr and her children

Often apart, the Bartleys prize each moment together. (Incomplete)

(Unknown magazine. Circa 1956) Part of the “clippings series”: Articles of which I only have found random pages and are incomplete.  

Engraved cups
Costumes for "The Innocents"
Movie stills and costume designs for "The innocents"

British Film Institute Display (2010)

I’ve just realised that I never actually shared my pictures from the BFI retrospective on Deborah back in 2010. I was lucky …


Deborah models the 1942 utility dress.

Vintage  fashion and beauty archive “Glamour Daze” found this article from 1942 in which a very young Deborah models the “utility dress” …

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Deborah Kerr with her husband and his daughter at Costa del Sol
Deborah Kerr with her husband and his daughter at Costa del Sol
Deborah Kerr with her husband and his daughter at Costa del Sol

Deborah, Peter and her daughter at Costa del Sol

Translation from Spanish magazine. Deborah has a little chat with a Spanish reporter in her home in Marbella where she was staying with Peter and Francesca.

Six-time nominee in Pacific Palisades

Deborah opens her Pacific Palisades house to us. Thank you Faith! (And thank you Lisa for helping her out with these )


Mi Óscar se quedará en España (1994)

Deborah, después de recibir el Óscar por todo su carrera, habla desde su casa en Marbella. Gracias, Faith!

Deborah kerr and Lucia Bose
Deborah Kerr - Triunfo
Deborah Kerr and a camera

Deborah and Lucía (1958) – Translation

Deborah Kerr – on her third trip to Spain – is spending a few days with her friends Luís Miguel and Lucía Bosé. Being a bullfighting “aficionada” – she describes herself as “Dominguista -, Deborah won’t miss the even in Ventas bullfighting arena where her idol will perform among other bullfighting masters.
English translation of Spanish article from Triunfo magazine (1958).