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Fallece a los 86 años la actriz escocesa Deborah Kerr

«Me gustaría que me recordaran como una buena actriz, pero, sobre todo, como una buena persona» – Muchas gracias agsmadrid por este artículo! 🙂

Bright Lights Film Journal

An Actress in Search of an Author

New online article by site’s friend Penelope on Deborah’s cinematic legacy and the need to have a new author write her biography.

Hatter's Castle

One by One: Deborah recalls her films (II)

Deborah talks about Black Narcissus, her moving to Hollywood and her first experiences there, Gable in The Hucksters and the shooting of If Winter Comes.


Photoplay Interview 1959

Violet shared this a few eons ago and I kept postponing posting it. Bad me! Anyway, here it is. Thank you Violet!

BFI Retrospective

British Film Institute retrospective on Deborah

BFI retrospective on Deborah includes films that are not available on DVD or VHS. I have already planned my trip to London for my chance to see our girl on the big screen, what are you waiting for?


One by One: Deborah recalls her films

Deborah talks about her films one by one. This first part covers her beginnings in BBC radio at the late thirties, an extensive insight on Colonel Blimp and goes up to Perfect Strangers (1945).


One Hundred Entries. THANK YOU!

I’ve just realised my last post was the one hundredth post in this site. I owe a big THANK YOU! to all of you who shared articles, stories and links with me. This site is as yours as mine. Also a big thank you to all of you who read and follow. I hope I won’t disappoint you with my next hundred posts.
– Basilea.

Filmography fanvids: The Sundowners

Down to earth Deborah and huge Mitchum love and work and strive in Australia. Could this get any better?