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Audio recordings of radio shows


1974 Radio Interview: Seascape Promo

Another radio interview re-upload, this time split in two 10 minute files.

Audio - Vacation from Marriage

Radio Play: Vacation From Marriage

May 26th, 1947 Deborah’s first radio play in the U.S. was for promotional work of her film “Vacation from Marriage”. The movie …

1977 Interview – BBC Radio // Youtube Video

Deborah being interviewed in 1977. Full BBC Radio4 interview + Video excerpt.


King Solomon’s Mines – Radio Parody

Radio parody of King Solomon’s Mines from The Jack Benny show.


Radio Interviews (Re-uploaded)

Six Deborah Kerr and Peter Viertel radio interviews. (Re-uploaded)

Tallulah Bankhead and Deborah Kerr at Radio show

Radio play: The Women

Deborah participated in several radio shows in Hollywood. On December 17th 1950, she took part in Episode 7 of Tallulah Banhead’s weekly show as one of the cast members. She played Mary on this adaptation of the 1936 play “The Women” by Clare Boothe Luce.


Lady Pamela – Radio Play

Deborah Kerr stars in the radio play “Lady Pamela”. March 1953.
Deborah en la radio novela “Lady Pamela” de 1953.


Radio interviews

Radio interviews with Deborah and her husband from the 70s.
Deborah es entrevistada junto a su marido para la radio mientras promociona la obra que representa.

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