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Articles about Deborah’s life before 1960: Her childhood, her marriage to Tony Bartley, the moving to america and the birth and childhood of her daughters.

Deborah Kerr: This is my Life

This is my Life

Deborah opens her home for Photoplay and goes through one day in her life. Thank you so much, Violet, for sharing this… twice!

Six-time nominee in Pacific Palisades

Deborah opens her Pacific Palisades house to us. Thank you Faith! (And thank you Lisa for helping her out with these )

Deborah and Tony 1957

Once Happiness, I try to remember

Larisa shares this article where we get a glimpse of Deborah’s personal life with her husband Anthony Bartley. Thank you!


Nobody Whistles at a Lady (1949)

After a short period in Hollywood, Deborah talks about her best qualities, her fears of being type casted and her wish to perform till her very last years.

Deborah adn Peter - Family Weekly
Deborah and Peter

The Second Life of Deborah Kerr

Beauty, talent, success, she had them all, yet never could escape the fears of childhood; that came only with marriage to a forceful and dominant man. – a cuckoo4kitties contribution. (She is spoiling me rotten, isn’t she?)

Deborah weds Anthony Bartley

Video footage of Deborah’s wedding to Tony Bartley. Thank you Kerstin!

I Confess

Deborah tells us what she likes, hates, is afraid of, is proud of and most of all, that she loves ducks. Several times.


Hollywood’s Elegant Redhead

Beautiful “as a wildflower” with a wit as sharp as a thorn, Deborah Kerr has her own ideas, a will – and usually her own way.

A Lisa – Cuckoo4kitties contribution. Thank you! ^^