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Audio - Vacation from Marriage

Radio Play: Vacation From Marriage

May 26th, 1947 Deborah’s first radio play in the U.S. was for promotional work of her film “Vacation from Marriage”. The movie …

1977 Interview – BBC Radio // Youtube Video

Deborah being interviewed in 1977. Full BBC Radio4 interview + Video excerpt.

Hatter's Castle

One by One: Deborah recalls her films (II)

Deborah talks about Black Narcissus, her moving to Hollywood and her first experiences there, Gable in The Hucksters and the shooting of If Winter Comes.


Photoplay Interview 1959

Violet shared this a few eons ago and I kept postponing posting it. Bad me! Anyway, here it is. Thank you Violet!


One by One: Deborah recalls her films

Deborah talks about her films one by one. This first part covers her beginnings in BBC radio at the late thirties, an extensive insight on Colonel Blimp and goes up to Perfect Strangers (1945).


Radio Interviews (Re-uploaded)

Six Deborah Kerr and Peter Viertel radio interviews. (Re-uploaded)


Peter Viertel Interview

Peter Viertel interview from Peter Viertel, writer

Deborah and Kitty-Kat

Deborah Kerr: I would get rid of Marbella’s parties.

Translation of a Spanish article and short interview with Deborah in her retirement in Marbella. She talks about the changes Hollywood went through after her retirement and her attachement to her Spanish home.