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Deborah Kerr and John kerr in Tea and Sympathy

John Kerr Dies at 81.

John Kerr, who played the young boy who falls in love for Deborah’s character in Tea and Sympathy (both the film and …



Guess what? I didn’t kill the site! All articles are back  – with comments and all! – and I successfully migrated the …

1977 Interview – BBC Radio // Youtube Video

Deborah being interviewed in 1977. Full BBC Radio4 interview + Video excerpt.

She'll be remembered

She will be remembered

Deborah was the woman I hoped I could grow up to be: Intelligent, sensitive, talented and feminine without all the artifice. I am still far far away from that ideal but, well, there was only one Deborah Kerr.


TCM – Deborah Kerr Day

Deborah’s day on TCM. All Deborah – All day!


Gallery Update / Actualización de la Galería

New uploads have been made to the gallery and I had to do some major cleaning cause I had run out of space again. I have deleted over 400 low quality or duplicate files that I have saved in a .zip file that’s available for download in case you wanted to save them. Please, do not upload absolutely every image ou find online, I don’t have room for all that!


De bien nacidos, pelín tarde, es ser agradecidos

Deborah Kerr y Peter Viertel, su marido, ya tienen una calle que recuerde su cariño y su devoción por Marbella. – Muchas gracias de nuevo, agsmadrid. Nos estás mal acostrumbrando! 😉


Acera de la marina: Réquiem

El propio Peter aprovechó sus memorias para despedirse y explicar que vivir en Marbella «me proporciona la falsa sensación de confort que ahuyenta el conocimiento cada vez mayor de mi propia impermanencia». – Gracias agsmadrid por este artículo!